About Us

FTASport – Free To Air Sport – is all about increasing the viewing public’s awareness of the various different sports that are hardly shown on free terrestrial television and bringing those sports to you live and On-Demand wherever you are and whenever you want.

Why should you have to pay to watch sport?


Today it is easier than ever to watch TV on your phone, tablet or smart television offering you new opportunities to follow sport.

Our aim is to increase people’s awareness of these sports and by doing so we hope to encourage more people to get involved either by taking part in a sport or by coming along and joining in the fun as a spectator.


We have two main aims:

  1. to bring sports that have very little or no free terrestrial tv coverage to the public’s attention and;
  2. to help sports raise revenue through sponsorship and advertising by increasing their following.


We believe that the future of live sport lies with the internet and the advantages this brings with it. Freeing you to watch your favourite team from anywhere on the planet or getting instant results, no matter where you are, along with team and player updates, is the way sport has to go and free-to-air webcasting offers this to all sports.

Internet mobility offers you the freedom to follow your favourite team or receive the latest results wherever you are.

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