Winter Olympics

Elise Christie finishes fourth in the 500m Short Track Final

Feb 13, 1:11 pm

Elise Christie

Age: 27 Hometown: Nottingham

Result: Finished fourth in the 500m final after a crash saw her fall.

Gold went to Italy’s Arianna Fontana, Yara van Kerkhof took silver and Canada’s Kim Bountin bronze. South Korean Choi Min-jeong was disqualified after picking up a penalty.

Emotions after the result

“It’s obviously really hard to explain, I’ve worked so hard for that moment out there and I got knocked over.

“It’s so out of my control but almost that feels worse – at least I can go home and think I didn’t make any mistakes but it still sucks.

“I got hit and I couldn’t hold it. I tried my best to hold the corner but we’re going quite fast on these tiny blades and you can’t always hold it and when I went down I knew it was over because I knew they would only penalise one person.

“Hopefully I can come back again. I can reset and it’s almost a week until my best distance (1000m).”

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