Quintal & Errico Win Cuervo Surf Ranch Classic

Credit: WSL / Morris

Quintal & Errico Win Cuervo Surf Ranch Classic

In competitive longboarding’s return to the World Surf League (WSL), Soleil Errico and Justin Quintal have won the Cuervo Surf Ranch Classic. The Cuervo Surf Ranch Classic, a WSL specialty event, was held under stadium lights at the Surf Ranch.

The one-hour presentation showcases beautiful longboarding while weaving in the behind-the-scenes moments and interviews, delivering fans all of the action without the downtime. This competition marks the Surf Ranch’s first longboarding competition and the first nighttime competition under the lights.

“The focus of this event is really to celebrate the style of longboard surfing,” said Devon Howard, WSL Longboard Tour Director. “When you look at shortboard surfing and longboard surfing, there is quite a point of difference beyond the equipment. It is really the approach and the way the surfers ride the wave. Shortboard surfing is very high performance. Longboard surfing involves more finesse and grace.”

Errico and Quintal Find Success at the Surf Ranch
2018 Longboard World Champion Errico defeated two-time Longboard World Champion Honolua Blomfield in the Final with a 16.30 combined score (out of a possible 20) to Blomfield’s 14.26 combined score.

“The world’s going through a lot and we’ve all just been struggling,” said Errico. “So this day definitely helped me to regroup and appreciate what I have. I am really happy. Noseriding is probably my favorite part of longboarding, but I also love doing big carves as well. It is a feeling like no other, and I am very thankful that I am able to be here and be a longboarder in this sport.”

2019 Longboard World Champion Quintal took down Kevin Skvarna in the men’s Final matchup. The Final saw Quintal earn a 14.33 combined score, defeating Skvarna by only 1.43 points. En route to his win, Quintal also bested surfing legend Joel Tudor in the Semifinal. The Floridian will return home with the overall men’s event win, in addition to the Athletic Brewing Company Ride of the Day and White Claw Timed Noseride.

Specialty Contest Winners
In addition to the individual competition format, the Cuervo Surf Ranch Classic also hosted multiple specialty contests to celebrate the unique styles throughout the event.

Athletic Brewing Company Move of the Day: Joel Tudor
Athletic Brewing Company Ride of the Day: Justin Quintal

White Claw Timed Noseride: Justin Quintal

Jose Cuervo Agave Board Sessions: Some of the world's best longboard surfers rode custom-made agave wood surf craft by Wayne Rich Surfboards and Channel Islands Surfboards. The core (surfboard blank) was made from 100% reclaimed agave wood, and shaped by hand courtesy of Wayne Rich and Britt Merrick.